Things where you're not sure if they're less big a deal than they used to be or you're just not paying as much attention nowadays

Comic Relief today, in my head it used to be a massive thing that everyone knew about, now I don’t think I’ve seen one mention of it anywhere. Is it less of a big deal nowadays or am I just not paying as much attention? Who can say! What are some others?


Cup Final Day.

Used to watch the full build up, loved that shit

Sorry, this is definitely less big a deal nowadays so probably not right for this thread

FA cup final is cause of reduced coverage I reckon but Champions League Final might fit the bill itt


Pokemon Go


Sports Personality Of The Year

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day made £108 million in 2011 - which was their peak - and it’s been declining ever since then. 35mio last year, 43mio in 2022

These are bigger figures than what seemed like the heyday in the 80s/90s but I guess you have to adjust for both inflation & lots of new fundraising tools & tech

I think the Comic Relief song feels like less of a big thing than it was in the 90s. Apparently McFly are performing a medley of Comic Relief songs from the years, including The Stonk by Hale and Pace. (You can thank me later for having this stuck in your head)


I don’t think there even is an official single this year. Who’d have thought “boy band covering oldies radio staple” would be halcyon days.

This is the best thing ever broadcast under the Comic Relief banner, very late at night in 2003 right before anyone involved became really famous.

K Pop. Probably still massive but no longer in the ‘becoming massive’ phase so doesn’t hit my radar anymore, dunno

Can’t do charity fundraising singles if nobody buys music anymore innit


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Charities make their money from live shows nowadays

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Yeah, but the pressure from the venues to take a cut of the merch table is really throwing this budget out of shape

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The ruddy Apprentice


Oh, apparently there is.

The belief that Paloma Faith remains a major unit-shifting star.

Non-cinema Popcorn

ex-Liverpool legend


Yeah haven’t bothered with it this year and not seen anything about it anywhere.

Kids tv

I know CBeebies pre-school stuff is massive, but what about programs for 5-10 year olds?

Are there modern equivalents of the Turtles, Power Rangers, Thundercats etc?