Things which just don't make any logical sense

  • Why it’s the norm to wash fruit just with tap water, as if that would make it cleaner (bonus points for bananas and other non-skin-edible fruit)
  • Why it’s the norm to wipe your bum with toilet paper, though if you got poo in your ear, cleaning it off just with a tissue would be a one-way ticket to disease
  • The popularity of James Corden
  • YOU STARTING SHIT THREADS LOL (Pre-emptive strike)


Do you wash bananas??


Fuckin’ magnets

(I think enough time has elapsed to be able to say this again)



Ah, the ol’ Caesarean section method


That’s just Not Right.




No, but some supermarkets’ packaging advises you to.


Not using cotton buds to clean your ears


Not being allowed to use a mobile phone at a petrol station


Really struggling to get past this part.




Saw two blokes having a heated argument on a forecourt once because one of them was on his phone.

“You’ll blow us up you fucking idiot”


this description of it is perfect, but made me oddly queasy


Pob has massively gone off the rails.


bollocks tho innit



Any farmer’s boy who’s been muckspreading has gotta have got poo in their ear once in a while


how funny i find things like Dat Boi and ‘Big fuckin bag of cans with the lads’ memes


Cos he’s got shit for brains