Things which make computers go slowly/crash that really shouldn't


Opening the volume control on Windows start bar. Takes fucking (relatively) ages!


how old is your computer m9


On my work laptop:

  • Booting up
  • Joining a Skype call
  • Shutting down
  • Opening more than one IDE at a time.


Internet Explorer crashing for no reason, then Windows trying to figure out why.

On my work computer, obviously, I’m not a pensioner.


*work laptop.

I have no idea. I would estimate I am the fifth employee to be given it.


might be time to request a new one




That’s shiiiiit.

Recently put an SSD and 32 GB of RAM in my work machine and it’s like a new beast.


Last year they upgraded my machine to 8GB of RAM. It’s still running 32-bit Windows 7.



your spreadsheets must run like a dream!


is itunes still complete shit?


That’s so fucked. I have 64 bit, yeah


But the SSD made most difference.


haha i remember on this old laptop i used to have I would often forget that i had even opened itunes by the time it actually popped up in front of whatever else I was doing.


I’m pretty sure it’s still really terrible, unfortunately I have to use it to get my own tunes onto my ipod for important listening wankery, really wish there was another way.




At the moment, something I’m developing but I can’t work out why. :scream:


This is guerrilla marketing for Apple isn’t it.


On PC Winamp could do this. Not sure if it still could, though.


chucking them in the ocean