Things which make computers go slowly/crash that really shouldn't

having loads of tabs open. it’s ONE INTERNET why does having so many tabs make a difference. I’m only looking at them one at a time.

don’t @ me

What are we having for dinner tonight, love?

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dunno. can’t really be fucked cooking anything complicated. you?

I’ll order something in but no Crazy Ex Girlfriend tonight please.

likewise shutting down porn when the missus comes in the room

I could never go back to it now of course but there’s some serious nostalgia in me for winamp

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I ran a ZX Spectrum emulator on a reasonable PC. It took 100% CPU and ground the host machine to a halt. There is something weird about the amount of effort it seemed to take to run a 30 year old system that baffled me.

Idk why but my laptop was running SUPER SLOW earlier when I was just using Word and had the browser open in the background. Wtf, laptop.

Get yo OS on an SSD, it’s a game changer. Next time you buy a PC/Laptop make sure it has a solid state drive and that the OS is installed on it. Performance no longer degrades through use. (at least at a rate that is far less noticeable)