Things Which There Could Be A Market For A Drive-Thru Version Of




Might get a lot of hair on the seat covers though, that’d be a nightmare to get rid of.


Fry-day Thread

I’d be up for this. Anything that speeds up the process as I hate getting my haircut, just feels like wasted time.


Still can’t get over off licenses being drive through in Australia


GP would be great. Roll up to the window with your pants already down and your arse pointed at them.




Yeah, could never bring myself to use one while I was living there, just felt so wrong


Sponge bath. You’d just need to modify existing car washes.


I wish we had drive throu Automatic ATM machines like they do in the USA. It makes so much sense.


Drive through sushi restaurants where you can just reach out and get them off the belt


Chippies. No one even sits in a chippy, it’s very much a takeaway business. Give me a drive-thru chippy and give me it now.


Your car could be put on tracks like at the car wash and the plates could go the other way


Drive-thru car park


Saves so much time!


Drive-thru car wash


Drive-thru Argos makes sense as the shop is redundant anyway


Prescription pick up


Drive-thru post office would make sense wouldn’t it? Might get rid of the queue of old people and stressed eBay sellers you always get.


Kwikfit. Basically a pitstop for normals


could do the same at a drive through hustings


I’m not sure its fair on @ghostpony to ask her to open a drive thru just for the purpose of meeting her.