Things you actively prefer the cheap version of

Sainsbury’s own Ketchup > Heinz


Budget cornflakes are always better than Kelloggs.

Tesco Custard Creams

This is a dreadful example


The lidl twixes are ace

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Heinz ketchup is muck…

Sainsbury’s value grated mozzarella is the best mozzarella for melting

Supermarket pizzas

(The cheaper they are the less actual cheese they have)

Enjoy your mushy day-glo orange misery flakes at Reading.

Absolutely not.

Are you saying I don’t prefer them?

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That’s not what your post said.

The “in my opinion” should be inferred.


Instant noodles from the oriental section are much better and cheaper than bachelor’s super noodles Antony

This is correct, thank you.

Was just about to post this

Glad you felt the need to clarify that.