Things you actually like about the modern workplace

When you’re in a shared spreadsheet and it becomes a chatroom

think that’s it?

All fun and games until Tim from accounts puts on his robe and wizard hat

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No smoking. Surprised I didn’t get lung disease when I think about it


Can work from home most of the time without it being an issue.

Obviously doesn’t apply to places with awful presenteeism cultures.


All the coffee I can drink.


Yeah. I remember sitting next to my boss at my first job and he smoked at his desk all day.

This really, really isn’t a word.

Can’t even imagine how bad smoke-filled offices would have been.

That whole working-long-hours-and-every-weekend-bravado thing seems to be dying a death.


Think a lot of studies point out working from home leads to quicker and better quality work
But it increases anxiety because everyone’s afraid everyone in the office thinks they’re slacking

Smoking rooms were really bad too.

Is it?

Particular to my workplace:

Free tea and coffee.

Very decent and cheap lunch options in the cafe.

Colleagues are pretty great.

But generally: it’s all a load of shit int it?


I get to sit down all day, in a comfortably heated room, with internet access and free tea and coffee.

Absolutely spot on if you ask me.


The speed of computers.
Multiple flat-screen monitors
Internet access
(slightly) more flexible working hours
No need to wear a tie

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I wish it was at my place!

workplace equality being more of a thing

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so people just start chatting shit in the cells?
like someone said they were wasted in their job after automating something
and I got to change it to they were wasting their job for maximum bants

Oh. Never had this.

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