Things you are currently putting off


WORK: doing my expenses

NOT WORK: figuring out which penoid tournaments I’m going to in the next few months and sorting out accommodation where needed. cbaaaaaaa

Things you are currently pulling off

WORK: Informing my boss I have no work

Non-Work: Every piece of DIY around the house, of which there are many


I need to go collect the bathroom mirror from the post office.


WORK: Everything


It’ll reflect badly on you if you make them keep it for a while.


TBH I don’t like them down at that post office (or the other one but for a different reason) because they shouted and snatched a children book of a small boy cause he was creasing it apparently (he wasn’t).


Booking trains and accommodation for the upcoming #summerofweddings


I started booking accommodation for one thing, then couldn’t find a hotel that had car parking, then couldn’t find reasonable train times that would work and asgjllkhdsahnvsasknvxsdlvdfvxdfk cba


work : my mid year appraisal (I’m about 2/3 done, but it would take very little effort to finish it. yet i don’t

home: repotting my succulents that are too big for the pots they came in now


Is this the golf handicap thread?


never heard it called that etc etc


going for a run


WORK: preparing presentation(s), progress report, expenses claims for not-trivial amounts

NON-WORK: dentist, optician, optometrist, finding somewhere to live

weirdly helpful, if a bit horrifying, to confront myself with this


Never heard them called this until it was on Shaun Keaveny this morning. Learn some-at new every day


A neat sock/shoe combo.


pics or it didn’t happen


Crikey, thank god I didn’t go with the other thing



  • writing a report on a conference I was at over a month ago
  • applying for extra leave for later this year

not work:

  • big clearout of my room, loads of housework
  • getting sponsorship for a charity run I’m doing this Sunday
  • moving a website for a campaign group I’m helping
  • various health things


Need a new plug for the kitchen sink so that i don’t have to keep the tap gently running when washing up.

I’ve needed this for over a year


Sounds like you need a plug in, bruvy. Crucify my enemies when I’m something something wooooo eoooooooooooooo owoooooooooooooo ooooEEEEEEOUWWWWWW [wanks off guitar for two minutes]