Things you are currently putting off

No more pass agg than not paying him tbf.

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Well, if he’d given a date he wanted it, no problem, but he said it was no issue, pay whenever… stag isn’t until September. Give me a deadline or ask when I’m going to do it, don’t be weird about it.

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Sounds like Tim’s done himself there. Classic Tim.

Work: all of my handover

Non-work: planning my travels, smear test

Work: calling HMRC because I know they don’t understand what I’m going to ask them

Non-work: moving a load of direct debits. Also procuring a hedge trimmer, trimming the hedge.

Can someone please find me a cottage for £500-600 for a week commencing 11th August within 3-4 hours drive of London. 2 adults, 1 child. Must have wifi (the hell of no wifi last year! Oh my gosh.)

ablsoluetly completely anxious about quitting my job ahhhhhh

Just reminded me, got to cut the cat’s claws. Going to put that off until she’s literally cutting the floor up as she walks.

god I can’t imagine even attempting to wrangle our cat to cut her claws. She wouldn’t be happy!

Moving out. Yep, sadface Richie is here everyone :frowning_face:

I do have a house to view this week though.

Please note you cannot sleep on this boat.

They always say that

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Sounds like a wager to me.

I’m going to need more info but heres a start:

Got to register at a dentist and book an appointment to get them to look at my mutant extra wisdom teeth which have started growing in the back of my mouth at a 90° angle to the regular wisdom teeth in front of them.
Smear test (about three years late on this one).
Other stuff.

Need to dust, also clear out toys R doesn’t play with any more and get rid of old clothes.

Need to purchase a new micro SD card. Also should really get some half decent summer trainers as my cheap plimsolls aren’t really cutting it.

They are a bit pricey apart from the middle one and I have never used AirBNB (or Uber) and I like the unearned moral cache this provides me.

I guess kid friendly with shit to do but nightlife 100% irrelevant.

Airbnb is where all the good shit is i’m afraid

Those are odd stairs in that second one, huh.

Where do we sleep? I guess the boy goes in the bed but what about us! Otherwise I like it.

I think he may need to sleep on the weird pipe shaped sofa?