Things you are currently taking the absolute piss with

My Google Play Music offline stuff on my phone was starting to act a bit oddly, so I thought I’d delete the lot and redownload it. Currently caning the office wi-fi to get it all back, aren’t I.


I use my work machine for all of my local music files which get transferred to Spotify

I regularly pirate music on various work machines
Hi potential employers!!

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I get paid a reasonable salary to sit in an office and slowly develop a belly and back pain.


not finding employment

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work in general. take about 3 days off a month ‘ill’ and regularly ‘work from home’.

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I’ve barely done anything in work this week. It’s a quiet period but I guess I could be writing some SOPs. I can knock those out in half an hour and claim they’ve taken weeks/months and no one will care though. So I will.

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on average how much of you day is spent browsing the internet?

  • 0-30%
  • 30-60%
  • 60-100%

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Proper Job:

Always get first dibs on any corporate or sponsor freebies that come in before I allocate them to everyone else. Bought us all Netflix and Eurosport subscriptions so we’ve always got something to watch, thanks company credit card.

Mum’s Pub Job:

I’ve ALWAYS got one in from Random Punter X. And I eat all the Mini Cheddars, you get 10 free packets in a cash n’carry box at the moment. Keeps me in crisps for a week. Also tends to be me who speaks to people canvassing for business. Then I eat all the samples, thanks local ice cream place that we don’t use!