Things you are doing/planning to do, to help you through the crapness of it all

This thread follows on from Xylo’s thread about daily routines and my response - I’m taking three likes as a green light.

I thought it would be good to have a thread to share things that we are doing to help us through - changes of routine, ways you’re treating yourself, things that are working well for you. Or indeed, things you’re intending to try doing. It would be good to encourage others.

The rules:

  • nothing is too big or too small for the thread
  • it doesn’t have to ‘virtuous’ as such as long as it’s good for your MH/wellbeing
  • it certainly doesn’t have to cancel out the crapness of things at the moment.
  • I’ve categorised the thread as SSP

I’ll start with two things I’m doing:

  • I’m taking a walk after the girls finish their homeschooling - just a 30-45 minute stroll. It’s freezing at the moment but I feel the benefit of having been outside
  • I’ve been going on timeanddate to look at the sunrise / sunset times. Here, there’s 2m11s more daylight today than there was yesterday.

Anyway, over to you. Hope that this is of some use.


Getting up in the morning and trying to parent
Going to work and trying to be a good boss

That’s it. I have nothing going on rn, feeling really low about just about everything and struggling to even do those 2 things well enough. Sorry to be a drag

have carried over a bunch from last year, and so far not letting it overwhelm with the odd week of pause

  • i have gone so hardcore on boardgames that i don’t know what i did without them
  • daily workouts, daily walks, but also good rest lie-in sundays
  • trying to not drink, and to eat better, which def does help
  • phoning people more rather than messenger
  • writing music whenever i have time
  • comic book is halfway done on issue 1 now

Still drinking a lot

(Going to try and at least attempt to balance that now with some indoor exercise)

And I’m still doing my OU course but the enthusiasm for that is really waning, doesn’t help that I’m not engaging with the content at all at the moment (it project mgmt :nauseated_face:)

Bought a new PC in large part so I can play Cities: Skylines again. Find it really relaxing, and I have a sufficient handle on the game and the mods available to do some satisfying detailing work. Found a sweet new map as well (river, delta, good mix of topography). Played it for about two hours since, haven’t I.

So I want to start putting in an evening a week playing it.

Keep thinking about starting a thread to share my progress. Maybe I should.




I’ve also started a game of Rome 2: Total War. I’ve found role playing as a proto fascist dictator to be very distracting during these unprecedented times


Been taking tips from the news?

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Sorry, this is crap.

Ok starting this weekend I decided to do a weekly mega multi course meal from a selected country/cuisine. Nothing earth shattering but was getting bored of Sunday roasts for two.

Yesterday was Italian, we had:

Caprese salad
Chicken thigh saltimbocca and green beans

Next week thinking maybe Thai.


I sacked Gaul, and The Suebi, by ALOT

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Things like this are good. If I had the time, this is how I’d spend my days off

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  • Building up a decent repertoire of 20 minute cook from scratch WFH lunches. Much nicer to take a half hour to cook and eat rather than another sandwich/beans on toast at my desk
  • Work phone and work laptop don’t leave my study, don’t get looked at on the weekends
  • Running loads. Agreed to pace a friend for a go at her half marathon PB in a couple of weeks which will be nice
  • Leaving my phone in another room if we’re watching a film/serious telly
  • Reading instead of TV/Xbox as the default in an evening unless there’s something I actively want to watch/play

Oh and using the lack of socialising opportunities to try to bin off the fags. Not had one since NYE


Liked for checking the sunrise and sunset times - I do that every year even when there’s not a pandemic on


Currently got two games of Stellaris going - one as a Skynet-esque machine race who killed their creators and then turned their attention to all the disgusting organics in space, and one as a lost colony of humans who turned evil from the sheer trauma of trying to survive on a hostile world light years from Earth.


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Got Stellaris waiting when I’ve done a campaign on Rome.

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been staying at my parents’ in the country for January lockdown so far which is a nice change from being on my own all the time. bit of company, routine mealtimes and a cosy place to be compared to my own small cramped house, largely been good for me i think.

although the longer i’m here it’s starting to feel a little bit like childhood regression, can’t get to any shops, can’t go for a walk after work cos there aren’t any street lights and i’m stressing about a parcel i ordered from America back in December that’s due to arrive in late Jan when i’m not there to answer the door or get it redelivered. hope they don’t return it to the sender and make me pay to get it back again.

so it’s a mixed bag. all good for now unless lockdown gets extended.


I am doing the following:

  • Sitting in my garden having a cup of tea at the beginning of the day

  • Setting clear work / non-work times. I also deleted the Outlook app from my phone.

  • Trying to be more active

  • Reading physical (rather than online) books

  • Meditation and journalling because my anxiety is through the roof atm

  • Distraction activities like baking and DIY

  • Not drinking alcohol.

I’m planning on starting the following this week:

  • Daily walk

  • Yoga with Adrienne

  • Daily home workouts


dug out a pile of old CDs to work my way through listening to while i’m working for nostalgia comfort

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I’ve been thinking about making a little Toadstool Kingdom out of cereal boxes and toilet roll tubes.