Things you are grateful for 2019

I think it does a person some good to reflect on what has been good in their life and why they are lucky every now and then.

I am grateful that:

. my health is reasonably good and I can get out and about easily
. I was born a white male in a wealthy country
. my family love me
. I have received many kind words about my music and art throughout the years which I have come to believe are genuine and not just humouring me
. people on here and in real life have had patience with me and given me the benefit of the doubt often when I have been a knob.

I hope you have many things you are also grateful for and please share them if you wish x

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Overlook this so often and have to remind myself of how petty I’m regularly being. The chances of being in my position are so, so slim I should be much more grateful for it and do more good with it.

well don’t beat yourself up over it but if you can use it as a source of gratitude to help others that is great :+1:

If this sounds a bit white supremacist I apologise, it was meant to be the very opposite!