Things you are snobby about

For #internationalstartathreadday

What things are you unreasonably snobby/elitist/about?

For me: notebooks

I hate cheap notebooks. Yeah, the design on the front cover might be lovely but who gives a shit when the paper keeps tearing, when the ink bleeds through the paper so you can’t use both sides, or when the whole thing falls to pieces because it’s badly bound?

Give me something with thick paper, durable covers, well bound, ideally with some perforated pages designed to be pulled out.

Also, fuck Moleskine for pretending to be any good. Rubbish notebooks for absolute losers.

hbu? and keep it light eh?

can’t think of anything


Beer, football, coats, trainers, accents


Loving all the threads today.

My answer is everything.

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Still seething after you slagging off the autopsy of Jane Doe after I recommended it :laughing:

Never forget.



In what way? Are there specific accents you don’t like?

Binge drinking culture


Certain breweries
Headphone brands


Yorkshire and, i think i’m gonna alienate myself from most of DiS here, that made up accent that people who went to uni and decided to drop their accent have


The ‘uni’ accent. Yeah I’m with you there

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Take-away coffee


If you are personally snobby about something but aren’t vocal about it or in anyway try to impose that snobbishness does that count?

Like basically I’m really picky about food and drink. I’ll just not bother if for example there’s only instant coffee but I don’t care if other people have instant coffee.


Most definitely. I’m not haranguing people on the street if I see them using some Live Laugh Love supermarket notebook.

I get this

But there’s also the situations when someone will come into the office and be like “oh you have to try these sachets of Nescafé caramel cappuccino, they are lush, do you want one?”

“No.” :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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There’s probably loads of things then tbh. Like there’s all sorts of things I won’t do because they somehow make me feel uncomfortable but if I expressed that as a dislike people may well take it as snobbishness.

OMG you’ve just triggered an ongoing beef here for me. I watched this with an ex, HE REFUSED TO BELIEVE WE WATCHED IT TOGETHER. Said he’d never seen it. Well, I don’t watch films on my own and I wouldn’t have chosen to watch that one so who was the imaginary man in our flat watching it with me then?!

He also said that same about that last Mad Max film. We went to see it at the Odeon in town, I HATE Mad Max and only went as he wanted to and it was better than sitting around at home (well, it wasn’t but hindsight). He flat out denied us ever going to the cinema to see it.

One day I’ll track down some evidence of us watching these things - some CCTV footage, something!


Yeah that’s tricky when you give a polite ‘no thanks’ and it turns into a slightly aggressive ‘go on have one’ situation.

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I did live for a year in a place where I found the local accent painful to hear. It was all round an awful place to live as well so difficult to deal with.

Haven’t come across the uni accent thing or haven’t been aware of it anyway. Seemed to be mostly northerners at the uni I went to and no one that I can recall changed how they spoke.

You’ve got a uni accent m8


Ha ha. Think I just went to a shitty uni where this didn’t exist tbh.