Things you bring back from holiday

Do you like a souvenir?
Or just stuff you can’t get a home?
Got to get to those outlets?

I came very close to bringing home a lamp in the shape of a flamingo. I had to not do this because I was already bringing home 4 x pretty glass tupperwares and 2 x mugs plus a whole host of other shit.

Brought back anything ridiculous?

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booze and badfeels


Leather camel
Fisherman’s pants
Fake shit
Sweets called nob, cock or fanny

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Always try and bring something back as a nice reminder. Think I went through a few of them on my through the keyhole video. My new favourite is a wee sheep figurine I bought in the West Bank made by a Bedouin tribe.

Genuinely have a wooden flamingo I bought back from Cuba that we named Jorge.

sort of collect crap tourist mugs. only started a wee while ago though so don’t have that many (and won’t bother getting one if i hate the place)

Snow globes for work. We have 138 at the moment.

Fridge magnets


On my first trip to Amsterdam, for some reason i suddenly panicked that i hadnt bought my mum a souvenir. Was battered of course. Went to a shit tourist shop and bought some kind of hideous ceramic bread board with a windmill on it. When i took it over to hers the next day i realised it was the most obvious confirmation possible that id smoked a lot of weed, so threw it in a hedge.


Snow globes are dangerous!

But fast ones are fine? :thinking:



But seriously, why?

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Big fan of tacky fridge magnets. And postcards stuck to the fridge with said tacky fridge magnets.

I usually try to visit flea markets and vintage shops too cos I :heart: clothes. I think my favourite find was a velvet pencil skirt from the flea market in Reykjavik. It cost 3000 krona (way more than I’d usually spend) but I loved it so much I didn’t care, and it has pockets!

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They’re glass and full of liquid! High risk of smashage.

Oh, also, drunk supermarket trip on the last night for all the exciting, foreign sweeties and paprika crisps!

I am a massive fan of fridge magnets that are also little clips.

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This little lot are fine


My favourite thing was a keyring from the Vatican that had the recently deceased John Paul II and the new Benedict XVI on either side and you could spin it round with a deft flick. For the rest of the year I replaced heads or tails with Polish goalkeeper/Hitler Youth.


I went to Amsterdam in January. I brought back a small round cheese. The security at the airport seemed convinced I must have bought a load of drugs, which was kind of a compliment really.

I always buy my mum the naffest fridge magnet I can find and she does the same. Except she actually got me a nice fridge magnet with horses on it from Greece