Things you buy from international groceries

This would have been a good #geographyweek thread.

Arabic grocery- nuts (great value), halva (tahini and sugar sweet), tiny aubergines

Polish grocery - sour cherry jam

Japanese bakery - melon bread

Kosher bakery - bread rolls

Korean grocery - rice noodles (for japchae) and gochujang (red spicy paste)

These items all enrich my life and I would love to hear your choices


That Portuguese place in Rotterdam - Tons of Portuguese food


Latvian: Chocolate bars that are just like those green triangles from quality street. Oh my days :drooling_face: No idea how I’m not Type 2 already.


We have ozmen extra which is my absolute favourite place in the world. Seemingly has everything from every international supermarket in it, along with an in store bakery, baclava counter, and olive bar.

I get lots flatbread, baclava and olives there. Along with lots of other things

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sadly not on international grocerybook :slightly_frowning_face: I would like to be tho


Arabic grocery- spices, herbs etc

Polish grocery - vodka, sausages, bread

Chinese grocery - oil, sauces, random things.

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One thing I enjoyed (? totally not the right word) about lockdown is/was when the queue to go in Tesco’s was 100 people long and no stock, going into the Chinese, Polish, Hungarian places dotted about. No queues, full shelves, and bought loads of fresh and tasty stuff i’d never heard of before.

I love food.


I mean just look at their juice selection for example.


Here in West Norfolk, we don’t have specific groceries as listed in the OP. But we have two very good supermarkets that cover a wide range of African/Asian foods.

Particular choices:

  • barberries
  • preserved lemons
  • 40cm x 40cm spring roll sheets
  • various spices / spice mixes: fenugreek leaves, chaat masala, rose petals

Big bags of spices for about 50 rappen, as opposed to 5 Franks for an insulting little pot.

Pickled peppers.

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Polish grocery - crisps and tubs of crispy fried onions (can’t find them anywhere else)
Asian grocery - Maggi hot & sweet sauce, lentils, rice
French grocery (the one near Paddington) - all the sweet stuff like cat’s tongue biscuits, fruit compotes, cream desserts

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We get slabs of biltong from the African Village and Wor Lass will usually get other nostalgic things that she sees. The sadza we buy lasts a million years but that too.

I’m a big fan of the Jamaican section in Tesco international foods - the grape soda and Ting are good. Sainsbury’s often have quite good West Indian bits (not sure why because neither of the best selections have been in very WI areas) and I like the chilled pattie selections.

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Great thread.

Turkish - bread, pickles, veg, hummus
Polish - cheese, previously meat, beer
Chinese - noodles, hot sauces

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Everyone in Brighton must know Taj, it’s like the biggest supermarket for international food and it keeps getting bigger!
I get roti, chapati and other bread, hummus, falafel, jackfruit, specific vegetables/chilli’s that you can’t get elsewhere, cooking stuff like mirin, gochujang, fancy soy sauces, tofu and it also does loads of vegan/veggie bits


  • Loses a mark because the fresh produce isn’t always all that

Uptown Top Ranking


There’s quite a few ‘international’ shops near me - I should probably go in and have a look

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We have a Hoo Hing about a 10 minute walk from us! Great for

Dumplings/dim sum
Mock duck
Kimchi ingredients

Anything of this brand (so addictive)


Also an international supermarket 10 mins in the other direction. Great for veg and every type of bean/legume/pulse/whatever that exists. As well as very niche cheese and fresh delicious baklava

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Where is this please

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