Things you can do in a car-park (multistorey)

I have done this.

in a multistorey car park?

meet a man in a trenchcoat and trade all your Garbage Pail Kids cards


Gee whizz!

Abseil off the top

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judging by the smell - take a piss in the stairwell

Terribly sorry, I hadn’t realised you were all mortals.

Man is but mortal

Judging by the sight - take a piss off a great height


Record a reverb-heavy guitar line

Fashion shoot

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Write “clean me” in the dirt on a dirty car.

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Skateboard when it’s raining
Bike races

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You shouldn’t take a bike to a multistorey car park in my opinion

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Watch Glenn Branca play a gig (Peckham only).

Hang out
Smoke fags
Drink booze
Take drugs
Play spin the bottle

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I have done this (not Glenn Branca though, someone else)

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Just imagining a community event to “fix up the multistorey car park” and loads of lovely volunteers turn up and Polyfila the pillars and give the place a lick of paint and collect litter or whatever. That would be really funny to me if I saw that.

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Go to an art exhibition (Soho only).