Things you can do in a car-park (multistorey)

that video was 45 irritating seconds too long

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Fight Club?

I went to a bar on top of a multistorey car-park in Lisbon in March.

okay, once my lunch has settled a bit.

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drink a campari (london)

Might start saying this as a replacement for ‘don’t bring a knife to a gunfight’

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Dream of jeanie

I once tried to do this in Barcelona Airport multistorey car park as I had like a 10 hour wait and nothing to do. I was there for about 5 minutes and a security guard came and ushered me away.

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you can chuck alf out of corrie off of it.


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The world’s first mutli-storey car park was built in at 6 Denman Street, central London in May 1901. The garage had seven floors, 19,000 square feet, space for 100 vehicles and an electric elevator to move the vehicles between floors.

Why am I looking at this stuff? I have SO MUCH work to do.


Make your tyres squeal as you go round the tight corners

A good point…if the thread title were “Things you can only do in a car-park (multistorey)” [sic]!

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Did he do it verbally or physically?


physically as in he just kind of gestured at me from his van window, and also car-hornically as in he beeped at me, if i recall correctly (this was in 2003)

Other than that was it a nice trip?

what do you mean other than that?

Other than when the man told you to leave the multistorey car park, was it a nice trip to the multistorey car park

Roller skate

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Do you want to know something Shrewbs?