Things you can say at any meeting and get people nodding sagely

basically, it all boils down to communication.


I think we need to give this a bit more thought


it’s an interesting idea, but how practical is it really?

This has been really useful. (you’ve not said a thing for 35 minutes)

I’m conscious of time…


look at that cornicing! now, look at the skirting. and once again, the cornicing.

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absolutely. Basically, it all boils down to communication.


If implemented effectively, I think it’ll be good - it has to be implemented effectively though.

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It would be great to find a way to get more traction.

I’ve got a hard stop in 5, so let’s wrap up and revert to email

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I’m committed to ensure that we deliver on the result of the referendum

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Can we take this offline?


how does this impact the customer?

Basically anything that will end the meeting early

“Ok, let’s circle back next week when we’ve got an answer on x, I don’t think there is much point carrying on with the discussion until then”

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my man

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I really don’t want this to be ‘death by Powerpoint’

opens 200 slide presentation


It is what it is.

Ask yourselves if it was your business is this what you would do?

I think that this is an appropriate time to break for a cup of tea.