Things you can’t imagine certain celebrities doing

Has this been done before? Feel like it certainly has. Anyway.

I can’t imagine Pamela Anderson eating an onion bhaji.
Can’t imagine Bruce Spingsteen answering the phone by going WASSSSSUP even though I reckon he’d enjoy it.

Any others?

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Never imagined Susie Dent would swear… until I saw this:

NSFW (and actually mildly arousing)


The Queen asking for extra chilli sauce, no salad

George Clooney trying to purchase a SCART lead from Currys to plug an old VCR into his telly and getting cross that they only sell HDMI cables


Anthony Kiedis has this problem frequently I hear


No mildly about it.

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I think it’s the bit where she says “softer than cunt but harsher than fanny”

Because she’s dead?

Dead excited about the drum n bass night at The Garage


I bet Donald Trump has never cooked.

He’s almost certainly burned something in a microwave

I can’t imagine that Bono’s ever paid for parking via his mobile phone

None of them have bought a NFT