Things you can't be arsed to start threads about (Rolling)

  • was gonna start one about those protestors storming the racist, colonialist cafe in finsbury park
  • Had one about Capitalisation Preferences
  • today’s lunch thread i guess

probably some others. how about you? what threads can’t you be arsed with starting?

Be the change you want to see, Eric

I did like the owner of that cafe’s response being basically: “We don’t celebrate colonialism; we buy all our coffee from Commonwealth countries.”

Was gonna do a ‘what’s been your favourite poll of new DiS so far?’ thread the other day but having to trawl through the (very functional) search box seemed like too much effort.


no right answer though is there. annoying cafe branding, completely pointless protest. you just can’t win these days.

oh yeah was gonna start a music board thread about the new deaf hevens album but cba

Best rolling tobacco (straight smokers need not apply)

One about how to remove sock fluff that has melded with the carpet and changed its colour, time machine is my only idea so far

doghair brush?

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Facebook polls and how they’re a bunch of shit. The thread would probably have just ended up as a load of “witty” polls and no real discussion of how crap Facebook polls are so I didn’t bother.

oh god yeah! do you agree with my contentious opinion on politics Y/N?

f that

It appears on my timeline every time some creature on my friend list votes in one. “Ooh, Andy prefers Pepsi over Coke”. Fuck offffffffff.

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they have these on instagram now too. self-appointed insta celebrities wanting to know which part of the world their fanbase is in. FO,M.

Wanking tales


What was the cause of my explosive and agonising toilet experience about half an hour ago?

  • Rare steak with salad eaten at 7pm yesterday
  • Five pints of ale (both cask and keg) between 7.30pm and midnight yesterday
  • Egg and sausage McMuffin at 9am this morning

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I was thinking of starting a spin-off to your locks thread: “things in your life that you need a knack to use”.

Example: our shower: it works fine, but it’s advisable to turn the cold tap on first, then the hot, the turn the cold tap down.

i can almost be arsed to start a thread about static shocks and how prone you are to experiencing them and what you think the cause might be*

*gonna put this one in the maybe pile so i reserve the right to start this thread later on

The tv show American vandal.

It was ok.

was going to do one about going away on your own but cba