Things you can't stop yourself doing

Clicking on the damn Better Call Saul thread. I’m only on episode 4 but every time I see the title I automatically click on it and sometimes even unblur spoilers. Don’t think I have read a full post but certainly seen little bits I didn’t want to.

I only have myself to blame.

I need to stop.

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Wait, we’re 104 days since Christmas so you must’ve been drinking at least 8 cups of tea every day?!!!

Don’t see the issue here


Sitting on my arse doing no work

Thats an insane amount of tea

My great uncle was a greengrocer allegedly would drink 20 cups of tea a day.

No he just forgot he had the 800 pack?

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Don’t think so

Eating ass


Betting In Play with Betfair

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Eating pringles post pop

Chewing a fruit pastel


I would recommend continuing with that.

touching my face



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i had a phase of constantly buying different types of tea - some nice, but too many herbal ones that i get bored of after about 3 cups. the boxes kept piling up and i’ve still got a few of them. should knuckle down for lockdown and try to get through em.

Can’t stop can I? That’s why I put it in this thread.

Reading reviews of episodes of BCS that I haven’t yet seen on avclub.

Avoid the thread because it’s the usual dis indie point oneupmanship.