Things you chew that you shouldn't


No wood chat!

I chew my clothes a bit. Usually ok but Dead Cells means I have put a few holes in t-shirts. According to my wife I am the only person to chew clothes. I carry them in my mouth too.




Pen lids
Empty ink cartridges
Skin around my thumb and fingernails


Pen lids.

I used to chew my t-shirt collars when I was a kid, too, but I grew out of that.


Skin around fingernails


Skin around fingernails


Inside of cheeks


Not had a shirt since?


Your own?


Skin around finger nails
General skin
The odd scab
Pen lids
Inside of cheeks

Anything I can get my hands on really


Depends who’s asking


Is it a collar? Does a t-shirt have a collar?


Have you tried cloth? I can highly recommend.


I think he means polo shirt


I wear adult ones now.




What a fool!


Crew neck t-shirt. I guess technically they don’t have a collar, but they do have the hem.

I used to also chew the base of the ‘V’ on v-necked school sweaters.


Can tell when my boss is having a bad day, cos she starts crunching through the Bics.

I just relentlessly chew my fingers 24/7.

Also trim my toe nails by biting them, to the disgust of my wife.


Ah yeah, pretty bad for this