Things you consider buying for nostalgic purposes then don’t

Thinking about buying this mug because I had the same one as a kid as a souvenir from Cadbury World.

Not going to though because it’s probably quite a shit mug and I’m a serious adult now.

1000 reply thread I reckon.

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It looks a bit like a novelty poo.

I can’t deny that it possesses a certain faecal quality.

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Stuff that my nan had that I wanted and was probably just chucked out after she died tbh, those wooden antelopes almost everyone in the western world had in the 50s, and this musical dog on the brink of suicide, that was also a decanter for booze I think.


He’s great.

Waited fir ages for this to be reprinted now it has and I’m not fussed


He is, and now I’m realising the last shot doesn’t just mean in his gun but the fact it’s the last shot of alcohol. NOW I GET IT. Still, it’s pretty dark. Wish I could remember what the tune he played was.

Might have to buy him after all just to find out.

Kind of have to wonder what person came up with that.

Looking at Skaven armies on eBay. Who would I even play Warhammer with?

Don’t @ me.

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Snoopy hairdryer and Garfield phone

It’s such a depressing item once you’re an adult but as a kid I thought it was the most amazing thing, even understanding that he was trying to kill himself. Poor dog, poor person who came up with the dog.


Wish you hadn’t posted that because now I’m looking for Amiga 500s.


How sad does THIS make you feel, @avery?

(china dogs make him sad)

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Often consider buying an Amiga 600 as it’s nice and compact, bought an ‘armiga’ but it’s a bit rubbish

Thanks! Now I’m sad. Fuck you.

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wearing a snoopy t shirt which i bought for nostalgia purposes


Strongly recommend someone buys me this for my birthday or something

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I bought a Rude Dog and the Dweebs tshirt for nostalgia purposes, but lost it in a house move :frowning:

Have wanted a Fido Dido tshirt for ages for the same reason, this one’s good.


Naf Naf stuff

Love how Fido Dido is back on 7up cans