Things you could do as a kid but are rubbish at now

Slightly inspired by the bowling thread.

Must have played computer games (Spectrum) for an average of about 3 hours a day from 11 to 14? Haven’t bothered at all since so modern computer games are completely incomprehensible to me. Even retro ones for phones are beyond me, can’t even master basic controls or understand what I’m meant to do.

Used to be quite good at tennis but doubt I’d be able to even hit a ball now.

Don’t care about the computer games but sometimes I’d like a game of tennis but am too scared.

Ice skating. Was deece whenever I went (rarely)

Did it for the first time in 6-7 years for a friend’s 16th and I was terrified, awful at it and on the verge of crying the whole time. Lasted maybe 15 minutes, never done it since, refused to go to a few friends bday parties because of it. I couldn’t even watch ice skating on TV without feeling sick for years after. (Am ok with it now but would never ever try it again)

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Eating 3 Easter eggs in one sitting


Boast of having decent eyesight


Concentrate on something for more than about 3 minutes at a time.


Yeah this. I was pretty good at all the racket sports but it’s been too long now.

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Holding my breath underwater
Hide and seek

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Muster enthusiasm for life.


All sports really. Played football, rugby, cricket and basketball for school and football and cricket for decent local sides,
Nearly die if i have to run for the bus now…actually that’s not involved in any of them so i might still be great

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Social interaction

Yeah this. I did triple jump for the school athletics team when I was about 13 and now I can’t even think about it without my knees hurting.

gun games

A level maths


This is a weird one isn’t it. As a child you can just be presented with someone else your age and you’ll just find some common ground. Not sure when you lose that skill but the idea of having to do that with someone else my age now makes my skin crawl.

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fall over without serious injury


the fact that nothing comes to mind worries me

maybe it’s cos I spent my 20s in the pub so I’ve just forgotten everything

there we go that’s it - when I was young I could remember much more stuff

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I’ve still got that just talk to strangers all the time.

Full on introverts must hate me.

Read 2-3 books a week
Spend 4-5 hours drawing daily


Also everything about my first degree, can’t remember anything, used to know how to run a pcr cycle, explain the hiv virus replication cycle in detail etc, now i remember nothing :sob:

i’m the full opposite of this

would freak out at the idea of social interaction as a kid, full skin crawl.

now it’s the common ground bit 90% of the time