Things you did as a teenager to seem cool

  • wore two different types of shoes (usually converse knock offs, left one green the other blue)
  • used to reply on msn to the question ‘what are you up to’ with the word ‘nuttin’ instead of nothing


Smoked cigarettes. Yeah that’s right, step back, squares.


i genuinely have no recollection of doing anything to seem cool

maybe i was lying to myself


I remember not walking right next to my mum once when I was with her in town - and she accused me of doing it to “look cool”. Seemed unfair cos I don;t recall anyone else being around to see me doing it


It used to be so embarrassing to go to the supermarket with my mum. Why? I have no idea.


I also remember experimenting with wearing a bandana in my bedroom - thank goodness I never had the guts to go though with wearing one in public. I would not have pulled it off

Also remember trying on a leather trenchcoat/ duster that belonged to my dad (I don’t remember him ever wearing it) and weighing up if I could get away with it. It was too big for me, so I didn’t - but being seen out in it would have been a big mistake even if it had fit me


Give her my regards btw


Drink vodka and coke on the train before going to under 18 nightclubs.

Read books that were too highbrow for my 14 year old self to really understand


me and my little group all used to wear denim shirts that would be tucked in but unbuttoned to the waste so as to show off our very cool comic-related t-shirts . yes I think you’ll find that that is cool. very cool indeed.


various methods of concealing the ends of my shoe laces for some reason, as apparently having your shoes done up like a normal person with the laces visible was for squares


I remember being simultaneously impressed and baffled by people who did this - my shoes would just fall off if I didn’t lace them properly


Bought and wore a CKY t-shirt despite hating the band because some hot girls from my year liked them. Oh god.


Pretended to like wrestling once.


played in a heavy metal band

wore XL t - shirts (i was smaller then (obvs) and only wear small now)

Once wore a baseball cap to look cool - didn’t look cool


Used to insist on only wearing Rockport boots.

Used to write the names of bands like Korn and Smashing Pumpkins on my bags but i’d never heard a song by them.

Used to nibble the sides of my school ties and thread the coloured stitching out so it’d just be a plain tie, small end showing. Why?

Before mobile phones were widely available me and my mates used to have pagers. The first ones you could just buzz your number, so mine would go off and i’d act like it was some sort of drug deal, slope off to ring home to find out tea was going to be late. On the v2.0 pagers you could send any combination of numbers aswell. My mates all lived on the same street.


Quite a lot of drugs


my mate used to have a pager and we had to ring some number and speak to a human and they would pass the message on to a pager

“hi nobby - meet you at the pub at 7”

we never got a response obviously


I dyed my blonde hair jet black.


Wore a backpack on one shoulder


Yeah a backpack over two shoulders was the greatest crime. ‘Swedish tourist’ was what we would call people who wore them like that.