Things you did to/called teachers to undermine their authority (lighthearted only)

brilliant :smiley:

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had a teacher that would pronounce 12 like chwelf

so we’d have a running competition to see who could get him to say it the most times


Do I ever!


My word!


Biology teacher Mr (Eric) Piercy had a speech impediment that made him spray a bit of saliva while he spoke. His nickname was Deep-Sea Eric

Chemistry teacher Mr Nettleship was predictably called Stinger, he was apparently also partly the inspiration for Prof Snape in Harry Potter (JK Rowling was 3 years above me in school)

Not very lighthearted but Physics teacher pervy Mr Pickering used to go around the classroom twanging the girl’s bra straps (this would have been about 1982/3)

Ooo, I really enjoyed the art department in my school. The two head art teachers were in a relationship for a time, during which they painted large oil paintings of one another. I once came across him adding the finishing touches to a large oil painting he’d done of her, nude, holding his decapitated head by the hair :scream:


‘Mr Nettleship’ actually does sound like a Harry Potter character


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It was really very good! :smiley:

Remarkably he’s got his own wikipedia page!


We gave one of our maths teachers a nervous breakdown. Feel awful about that when I think about it. We were absolutely awful awful awful to her :grimacing:

remember everyone used to call our R.E. teacher (who was Italian) Mr. Mario (Mario wasn’t his surname). pretty awful now I think about it.

this happened to at least 3 of my teachers. one of them locked themselves in the cupboard and cried while the whole class went feral for 2 hours.

school was a horrific place.

Yeah, we did this with a guy who had also taught my Mum many years before (and she hated him as well), I later felt exceptionally guilty when I learned that he was struggling at the time with the illness of his son who had down’s syndrome (and later went on to star in The Inbetweeners). He was my science teacher and I’d see him afterwards when I worked in the bowling alley and he’d bring his son in every week, I was applying to get on a teaching course at the time and he took a keen interest, having to tell him I didn’t get a place on it thanks to the D I got in his GCSE Science class after we’d forced him into an early retirement was quite awkward…

Did you do the voice
You did didn’t you

I didn’t get involved with that sort of thing, obviously.

someone called him a son of a bitch, and he went apeshit, repeating in insult over and over, which was obviously the end for him at the school.

My art teacher would go into the cupboard and play the flute. I don’t think it was because of the kids though, I think he just liked to inject some calm into his working day every so often.

Yeah. We terrorised this teacher for a year - she had a speech impediment where she couldn’t pronounce the letters S or R and her name was Susan Savery. That was never going to end well.

Feral is the perfect word, we were fucking awful to her.

still feel awful about the way we treated our teachers tbh.