Things you didn't know that existed and are also totally unnecessary


All the different football leagues. Completely unnecessary. Each country should have one. That plus a World Cup every four years should be enough for anyone.


Wow, like some sort of big boy capitalist bully, trying to get rid of the little guys and just have the behemoth cash making machines left.

That patent money is changing you, man.


Dunno if you’re in any position to be commenting on unnecessary spoons.

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Agree. Your titanium ones have rendered wooden spoons obsolete.

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Oh no you’ve got me all wrong. As soon as a team wins the league they get dissolved. They’ve had their fun, time to step aside.

Any number that decorates cakes that aren’t 10.

You see its the base number so you don’t need anything other than 10.


Any calculated beatdown that lasts longer or less than 15 minutes.


Special baskets for proving sourdough. Just use a bucket, twats!

matt hancock


I have lots of these and haven’t had a starter in the best part of a decade.

(thinking of doing it again but need everyone to know that I was cool doing it ages ago and not one of these Johnny-come-lately-corona-starter-twats, eh @Royter-Hatfood?)

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There’s a photo of my starter in the sourdough thread today. It’s good.

I love unnecessary kitchenware, was all geared up to go to the ideal home show in march to get a bunch but then it was cancelled


All these Star Wars films

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You would tailor your banana purchases for your guard.

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Still of the opinion that most kitchen apparatus is just sex stuff in disguise and these examples don’t make me think otherwise.


The magic of that spoon is that you can use the hole to measure pasta in it too! A humble and hardworking utensil

Yeah this a classic #lifehack! One hole of spaghetti = one serving, innit.

A great bunch of tool.

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