Things you didn't realise were problematic

Found out yesterday that First World Problems is a bit ‘woooah’

Any other similar things of which I should be aware?



Realised yesterday that a pub I work at doesn’t have any disabled access to the main bar area.

Office I work in has 5 floors; the disabled loo is on the 2nd floor…

I think everything in the world, without exception, could be found to have problematic elements if scrutinised for long enough.

We may need a new word.

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Agreed, problematic things exist but it’s too vague for me. If something’s misogynistic or racist it’s just better to say that imho

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I feel like the term itself only developed because words with that “-ist” suffix tend to put people instantly on the backfoot.

Oh true enough and for that it’s a decent opener of a discussion but when it comes down to something like tone (the understanding and interpretations of which are so idiosyncratic anyway) that it’s just another barrier to meaning if taken any further

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yeah it seems like a way of pointing out behaviour which is discriminatory or helps entrench discrimination without it being seen just as an accusation at the person. Like a ‘that is racist’ vs. ‘you are a racist’ distinction idk. Probably useful for trying to change things given how many rizlaskins are about


Yeah I more or less echo what aggpass said, I see it as being soured by privilege and being reformed in a classist/racist discourse - but it’s probably easier in the short term to just say problematic.

‘first world problems’ though seems like a way of expressing annoyance at fairly minor things while at the same time acknowledging your own privilege. is it just the use of the term “first world” that makes it bad?

Didn’t realise we had structural issues in the area of the house just below the roof.



That was the gist.
I get it, but just think it has been overthought a little too much.

is that where you keep your Kasabian CDs?


Outdated now apparently. Amazing what you learn from reading a Guardian article

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I figured “problematic” meant “is racist/sexist,etc., but possibly in an unintended way (and to the degree that what’s ‘problematic’ isn’t necessarily the main focus.)”

I suppose it could do, but that might serve to dilute its significance a bit? Feel it’s maybe better to just acknowledge lack of intent directly tbh.

Is “problematic” the exact antonym of “woke”? Do the two ways of being exist at opposite ends of a scale of righteousness?

Or perhaps problematic would be somewhere in the middle.

my overall personality/existence