Things you do a lot but are still really shit at

Wiping my bot bot

Making music / design / art stuff
Not terrible but not really as good as I should be by this point!

midway through primary school they taught us how to do joined up writing so then that was just how i continued to write and it was messy and teachers couldn’t read it and later on they gave me this big triangular rubber thing to put around my pencil to hold it properly to improve my writing, i eventually worked out that if i trained myself back to writing in print it would look better so i had to do that and it was a lot better (still messy, still smudged occasionally cos i hold my hand weird apparently, but readable)

why the fuck do they teach you to do joined up writing in the first place?


Fuckin’ right. Archaic, meaningless bullshit.

I basically never write anything these days but when I do it’s in all caps


Bad at judging how long to keep the heat on in the house for. Too hot right now, overshot the timing by 5-10 mins


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This brings back some bad memories.

We moved when I was in year 7 and went to a new school. In my first geography lesson, Mr Smith, saw my handwriting and in the middle of the class snatched my book, and ripped it up in front of the whole class, telling me how shit it was and to start again. He was an absolute weapon. He also walked around with a cane, and whilst he couldn’t use it, still whacked the desks in front of you.

That first lesson with him, pretty well fucked me up for the rest of my time at school.

I was put in the top set when we moved, but I always hovered around the bottom, I actually got relegated to the second set, but I was too good for that and got promoted again six months later.


The pot doubles, now they really got troubles
Madman never go pop like snot bubbles


Work out which is left and which is right


… the Keir Starmer story


Same when watching PMQs amirite?!



Pretty much everything whether I do it a lot or a little tbh

If you hold out just your index finger and thumb of your left hand if makes a L for left.

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But if you can’t tell left from right, how can you tell l from j?

The J stands for Jacob Rees-Mogg

Time management. I SUCK at time management.

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Also task management


I’ve been known* to lift my index fingers off the steering wheel to check which way I’m going when the satnav tells me to take a right **

*almost every time
**still take the wrong turning sometimes anyway

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Today brought the fourth time I have accidentally locked my BiL’s shed instead of opening it. It’s becoming quite the mental block