Things you do even though you know they don't make any difference


When Twitter does its “THINGS YOU MIGHT LIKE” thing, I always tell it to show me less like that even though I know it doesn’t actually give a fuck.


Your mum


We’re all meat being shovelled into the grave.


carry on living?

happy monday!


Cheery crowd this morning. How about something like “push the button at the traffic lights when it’s already lit up”, or “repeatedly push the door open button on the train”?


take a multivitamin


This and pressing the lift button lots of times, so it thinks there are loads of people waiting.


“click here to safely remove usb device.”

Psych! I NEVER do that!!!


wash my hands


Throw a pinch of spilled salt over my left shoulder with my right hand to hit the devil in the eye


Well have you ever had any hassle from the devil after spilling salt? Check mate, atheists!


Post on DiS


increasingly, any kind of political activity :disappointed: