Things you do like in TV series you love

Little utterly inconsequential things which are incidental to the general story arc.

I love it whenever Rory has to run somewhere in Gilmore Girls. It’s like she’s never run anywhere before but someone has explained the mechanics of it to her. Always wonder if it was deliberate for her character or if Alexis Bledel naturally runs like a poorly controlled puppet.

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i like in law and order when mccoy (or stone) tells their plan for the trial to adam schiff and he sits there facepalming and groaning but always begrudginly goes along with it

I like it in Elementary (probably true in other detective shows) where at the end they’ve pulled in the perp and the four main characters explain how they cracked the case in this perfectly rehearsed ‘bit’ where they’re all finishing each other’s sentences and never once accidentally talking over each other. Love the idea that these cops and PIs sit and practice their over-the-top dramatic performance before bringing in the perp.

Haha yes! Criminal Minds :roll_eyes:

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Would love it if just once two cops would start talking at the same time. And then both stop, simultaneously go “no. go ahead”, both start again, stop, cycle repeats. Perp eventually just confesses it to break the loop.


never seen that show but an FBI profiler guy i like who writes for it and the producer are on a podcast i listen to and every time they mention the actual show it sounds unbelievably awful

Band of Brothers, war is over and Winters goes for a swim in the Austrian lake


YES. Me tooo.

This isn’t related but I feel the need to mention this whilst Criminal Minds is a kind of topic…

Over the theme tune we like to repeatedly sing the words “Derek Moooorgan” and only those words. He IS Criminal Minds. I did however stop watching it after the billionth series, because it got really shit, like more shit than it already was.

Okay, I’m done now.

@ericthefourth Yes, it’s really bad. But… Derek Morgan, what a guy.

I know Family Guy is now terrible, and was probably never that great, but I do like the natural talking aspect of it. Like a character will just get lost talking about something, or two people will talk at the same time. It’s refreshing because nothing on tv or film does that, and everything slots together unrealistically well.


Nah, there’s some gold in earlier series. Not sure that opinion will get much traction on these here boards, mind.


Justified: When Raylan has to shoot someone. Just the look he gives them, the little speech, then when they go to shoot him and he puts them down. Love it. Also, all of his interactions with Boyd; just wonderful chemistry/dialogue.


When Gary Sparrow is either drunk or high in Goodnight Sweetheart. Tour de Force stuff.


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Kenneth Lonergan does this, he’ll specify dialogue to be delivered simultaneously on the page when writing rather than letting it become a directorial decision:

Awesome. What show is this? This happens all the time in real life, it should be more prominent.

the “next one’s coming faster” scene with wynn duffy is the most badass thing i’ve ever seen


That’s from Manchester By The Sea rather than a TV show innit

Robert Altman loves a bit of that m9.

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Ah, that makes sense. Good.

I’ll tell you what I absolutely loved. There was a scene in This Is England, can’t remember which series but probably the second, where Woody and Milky are having a fight. But it’s not a Hollywood fight where punches and kicks connect and everyone knows what they’re doing, it’s a real fight, where it’s mostly standing off, there are a few swings and misses, and because they’re mates they just get really upset about it. It’s amazing TV, look it up if you’ve not seen it. I was properly emotionally involved in it, had to calm down afterwards.


Things like this