Things you do to annoy everybody

Call out of office autoway
Pronounce greasy as gree zee.

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If anyone says everything or exist or whatever they are getting a demerit.

Get into arguments when people say something is a waste of time and I just say time is a construct and we’re always wasting time cause we’re just waiting for death basically


involuntary leg shaking and tapping/drumming on things


Currently have a very conspicuous tickly cough

Everything or exist or whatever

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2 demerits (actually that might be three)

post on here?

Does that annoy, say… your cousin or your friend Angus?

yeah, pretty sure my friend angus gets wound up

anyone that does this is fair game for a dead leg imo



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Ok that’s fine then

  1. Constantly shout profanities at the TV screen while playing video games.
  2. Sing anything i hear or read with the syllable structure 1-1-1-2-1 to the tune of Jasper singing “theme from a summer place” in The Simpsons.

I continually quote song lyrics by not very popular artists and my friends’ annoyance at this only encourages me to do it more.

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Saying, “It’s not coming home” as I leave the office every day for the past week or more. (Tonight I will say nothing but just smile sweetly before going to the lift.)

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I don’t even realise I’m doing it a lot of the time

even do it in bed when I’m trying to get to sleep. I don’t think it helps

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Doing imitation munch noises when someone is eating but I’m not.


Trying to pronounce large to rhyme with Farage. Hard to remember to do it but worth it because it is really annoying.