Things you don't agree with but would fight to the death for people's right to do so

Painting feature walls
Posting Wiggo memes
Eating off cutlery with a plastic handle
Poor attempts at regional UK accents

Living rooms with like thick shag pile carpets and massive plush sofas and loads of cushions everywhere etc.
wouldn’t want one like that but I love to see them

Toilet pedestal mat with matching bath mat
Living to the age of 72 and never having left Bethnal Green
Love Is cartoons in picture frames around the house
First issue 99p with a free binder
Commemorative coins worth no more than face value
Sending top tips and “aren’t men daft” anecdotes in to Take a Break magazine

Not sure I’m prepared to fight to the death for much tbh

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I think abortion is it for me, for religious reasons I would never allow myself to abort a child and would stick to that no matter what, God’s plan etc, but would never want that to be imposed on anyone ever, it is such a personal choice that only the person in that situation should dictate and should have the freedom to do what they want

Also cream/jam in any order