Things you don't believe in


Giving and receiving christmas cards
Birthday/Christmas presents
Birthdays in general or any sort of special day where you get presents
Jogging as a hobby


Well you sound fun.


100% sure all of those things exist


Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams


No, I’m really not.




What is ‘existence’? Can anything TRULY exist…? :thought_balloon:


he is a yeti, to be fair



A thing called love




Yeah, I still think nobody should receive Christmas presents after their 16th Birthday.


Not really on board with these as things I don’t believe in, but they are all total, total bullshit.




An interventionist god


That’s essentially what I’m meaning though by ‘don’t believe in’


Don’t worry, I’m sure your mum will still get you something nice for Christmas from Santa, you MASSIVE ADULT BABY



Birthday/Christmas/Easter/Anything else Cards.

I detest them.

Absolute waste of everything (money, trees, etc).


This is what happens when I receive a card:

Open it.
Read it (and/or pocket the money).
Put it in the (recycling) bin.

Literally no purpose for cards. Hate having them all over the mantelpiece as well, looks so shoddy.