Things you don't buy for fear of cursing yourself

I really want some sunglasses but i worry if i buy them it will never be sunny again so just squint

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Rubber johnnies

Clever, don’t want to not have sex

I highly recommend Polaroid sunglasses


Oh wait, the other way around

Mummified monkey paws.

(And I live in south London so I’m sure someone nearby would be selling them)


I have a pair of neon orange sunglasses that came free with a jug of Aperol. I don’t think they’re very protective.

Sunglasses for me too incase i lose them like every pair i own

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My father in law had his iPhone screen replaced cheap somewhere and it’s now black when he wears his Polaroid sunnies unless he turns it landscape. :joy:

Normal phone screens no longer seem to polarise the light

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Book of spells

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Just get primark sunglasses for this reason.


One of those shiatsu neck and shoulder massagers.

Also a bread machine


Off to the doctor lately though so don’t worry


Life insurance

Mrs F lost her sunglasses about a fortnight ago. Even though we both looked all over the house and elsewhere for them we still didn’t find them until yesterday when they turned up in the bag hanging off the back of our kitchen door that she no doubt took out with her the last time she wore them.

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