Things you don't do anywhere near as much as you should

-flip my mattress and clean my oven. just seem a bit unnecessary to me but I know I should do them

will clean my oven this weekend

Your mum.

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Really need to clean the oven, reckon it’s gonna be a right pain in the bollocks though

Tell you guys how much I appreciate you all.


Reply to text messages

Phone my brother
Have people over for dinner
Polish my shoes

I’m tempted to get one of those guys to come in and clean the oven professionally. £45. easy

clean oven
clean microwave
clean generally everything tbh
get my hair cut


my hair desperately needs cutting but it seems such a hassle. its a tenner I’d rather keep, and it seems such a chore even though I am just sat there


Good news, crisps, you don’t need to!

In your face, dentist!

that would be such a waste!

Have a quiet weekend. Can’t remember the last weekend I had where i just potted about and relaxed. Always feel the need to do something.

Give blood! Not done so in just over a year I think.

So much this.

Clean the oven probably.

So much so that my recent attempt to clean it weren’t very fruitful. I think the glass in the door is tainted beyond salvage.

Hoover the car out - I clean the outside and inside, but there’s so much muck in the footwell I could probably start growing veg in there.