Things you don't get so much anymore



I’m pretty sure that there was a thread about this but searching hasn’t revealed anything and dis told me to start a new thread.

I was reminded of this last night:

Iin films when someone wanted to trace a phone call, the caller would need to stay on the line for a certain period of time, like 20 seconds or something. You don’t get that anymore, for obvious reasons I guess.




I haven’t seen a lot of chewing gum stuck on pavements for a while


There’s a building just behind work and there must’ve been someone who worked there and smoked who just dropped their gum at the door (there is loads of gum trod into the footpath). Dirty bastard.


Excited about/for things.


white dog poo, obviously


Excited THAN things*


Was reading a buzzfeed article that was called THINGS ONLY THOSE BORN BEFORE 1995 WILL REMEMBER!!! or something and so much of it was weird because it was all so common and now it’s all gone. Stuff like going to rent a video/DVD or getting your pick n mix from Woolworths etc. I dont eat that sort of thing anymore where do they even sell it now


Only ever see that stuff at the cinema, tbh


Must all be under the tables in the skittle alley at mum’s pub. Awful cunts.


Porn mags discarded by the roadside


Sung this to the tune of Teardrops by Womack & Womack


Don’t see strips of chewing gum these days do you


It’s really hit the prank-chewing-gum-pack industry hard as well






white dog p… oh forget it




Peter Kay arena tours.


madonna - haven’t seen or heard about madonna for ages, she used to be in the papers all the time.