Things you don't get so much anymore


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Tesco, cinema, Ikea, Wilkos. You’ve got to keep up with this stuff.


weirdly Brighton is currently awash with posters promoting putting gum in dustbins (and saying there are fines if you are caught being naughty)


bubblegum with those stick on tattoos in the packet

Kind of in line with the op, pretty much any sitcom from the 70s to the 90s seemed to involve one or more of the protagonists going to a health farm with variably hilarious consequences . Not sure health farms even exist these days.

School projects about Uluru.

Called spas these days.

I know these have gone for obvious reasons…but I miss the world of dvd/cd piracy

I remember buying a pirated copy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers “By The Way” album for a fiver at school. It had a printed out copy of the cover with fading ink. Felt like such a badass.


No, they have disgusting scandi liqorice.

or retreats

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Garbage disposal units in kitchen sinks

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Thought only Americans ever had those?

We had one in the 80s in the UK

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What happened to it in the 90s?

My parents split and we moved house!

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A fixture of the town centre was a man with a bunch of pirated DVDs on a blanket, with teenagers yelling THE POLICE ARE COMING and the man wrapping the blanket into a sack, throwing it over his shoulder and disappearing in about 3 seconds flat