Things you don't keep an eye on but might need to, cba

  • Water pressure in the boiler, just do the filly tappy business whenever it’s too low but I’ve had to do it thrice this week (hmm)

  • Salt intake, love the stuff but people in the know say “hmm” (twats)

  • Ever encroaching date of my own mortality or at least the point where my body will not function on its own (hmm)





My bank balance


The amount of shit I eat.

The roof which appears to be falling down (don’t care, it’s upstairs’ problem, but maybe it’s also half ours? cba.)

Amount of rust on my bike’s chain [actually on both of them]


I’m sure if your roof falls in it will respect land boundaries but perhaps leave a highlighted diagram out for it to consider beforehand.


bank account


feel like this might come up a lot


@rich-t I feel like you guys could help each other out, maybe leave each other dm’s at the weekend saying “maybe hold back on the pizzas tonight” or “go wild! buy a new telly!” or whatever


i need to do both of these things tbf


I check my bank balance every morning because I’m paranoid of my card getting cloned even though it has never happened to me, ever. Doesn’t aid me in spending less money, though.


Maybe not a TV, but definitely sort out the amount of money I spend on beerz


How much water I drink.


Junk food intake. I’ve been good at cutting right back on flesh, caffeine and booze, but takeaways sneak up on me. Sort of aware I’m just putting my already not particularly chill body under strain. Hmm.

  • Weird cyst at the back of my head.

  • Skin tag on my lower abdomen.

  • Alcohol intake.


take it to the dis diagnosis thread for a good scarin’


whack it with a book

Medical Advice (rolling)

All the water damage that’s in nearly every room in my flat


my unemployment and lack of future prospects


Maybe we should do a thread for people looking for a job where they say what they’re after and where they’re looking to work and we post stuff that we see? There are often vacancies where I work, for instance. (And I get a bonus for every new employee that’s taken on via my advice/information.)


i just tied some super tight cotton round mine and a few days later it was gone