Things you don't keep an eye on but might need to, cba

that horrible feeling is what makes me check my petrol

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Although the cotton thread really ought to be sterilized first.

I had a cyst on my face at college. that was really nice

how many fucking crisps I eat

Bank Account
Credit Card
Mental Health

I had a huge boil on the side of my head when I was at school.

How My Vitriol are getting on with that new album


yes LOOK

Balonz has come back too, it’s a veritable reunion.

Is it a condensing boiler? They have an outlet for the condensate.

All joking aside, if your pressure is suddenly dropping off then the most likely scenario is you have a leak. That leak might not be obvious and it might be inside your boiler. If your diverter valve has failed for instance then you might have a pool of water forming in the bottom of your boiler, which will gradually rust through the casing. And once that happens your boiler is a write-off.

So get a plumber in to service it.

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I had such a big boil on the side of my head as an adult that I went to the doctor because it was starting to affect my vision (by there being so much swelling).

I got antibiotics. You were supposed to take them with food, but I had an exam to get to that meant leaving the house at six and I didn’t have time to eat beforehand.

I threw up twice on the train on the way there.

The End.

How was the exam?

I passed, obviously.

That two-headed boy covered in sick sure knew his stuff!


Thanks dude I’ll have a look tonight, it’s not in a very awkward place (in fact I think my mop is below it anyway) but it’ll be good to get the water flowing

no idea - it’s the kind with no tank if that’s what you mean

If it’s newish then it will be. Try looking the model up? Even if it is then that pipe should be directed somewhere where it can drain, either to your inside waste water pipe or through to an outside wall.

Basically you can do some sleuthing or you can get a professional to look at it. It’s just that at least if it’s that then it’s a normal part of its working rather than a big problem. I guess thinking about it, if it’s anything else then it definitely is a problem.

Feel like marckee should have taken over from me here by now.

I feel exposed.