Things you don't like in TV series you love

Have we done this before?

For example, I don’t find deliberately dense characters, like Kramer in Seinfeld or Bubble in Ab Fab amusing at all, despite finding the rest of it very funny. Don’t know if it’s just dated humour, or if it’s boring for everyone else too.

I will try to think of others.


I don’t like Seinfeld’s voice. It really, really grates.

But do you like Seinfeld?

The character of Apu is extremely problematic


I do. I like it a lot. Just his bloody voice…

The dense character thing is often a result of Flanderization too.

Friends is the worst example of this, where every character effectively suffered the same fate:


I don’t like it when Ricky Gervais is in Louie


I hated it in Friends when Ross went really weird. It was unwatchable. I generally liked Friends, although all of the characters suffered badly from the aforementioned Flanderization.

Do you think he always was, or has been distorted over time as all Simpsons characters have been?

I think the two I mentioned annoyed me from the off, so wasn’t strictly a developed thing

As I mainly watch sci-fi type shows my bugbear is when the writer thinks sci-fi plots mean Deus Ex Machinas are fine.

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I haven’t watched any new episodes for years and years so I can only imagine that they handle him more sensitively now but he was always an absurdly crude stereotype in the classic era, there’s no way any new show would get away with introducing a character like that these days and rightly so.

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Homer’s annoyingly stupid now. Back when the show was amazing he was stupid, but still cared about his family, etc. Then it got to the point where he could kill Maude Flanders and not give a shit, and obviously now he’s just unwatchable, along with the rest of the show.

Gilmore Girls where they supposedly eat loads of food but are both dead skinny and always leave meals unfinished. And the massive amount of drink driving.


What about Raj in The Big Bang Theory?

Never watched an episode of that in my life

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so annoying


joey learning french is possibly the worst piece of television i have ever seen


Innaccurate sounding air-raid sirens in Winds of War. Absolutely drives me scatty.