Things you don't mind being bad at


Yes, annoys competitive people as they can’t work out what tactics I’m using (clue- not using any). My brain just won’t retain all the rules and details as I just don’t care about winning.

Job interviews. Totally freeze up, talk nonsense and just embarrass myself. Any job I’ve got in the last 10 years has been through friends recommending me and I’ve not really had to have an interview to get the job.

Fine with that though, never want to interview for a job ever again.



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Public speaking.

Think I actually got worse at this. Happy just to avoid.

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posting on dis


opposite for me - hated that i could never do it, so i think for a while i whistled at every possible opportunity (v. annoying behaviour)

can now whistle well enough to get by, so success i guess

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I’m not very good at anything and I have come to terms with that.

AQOS obviously.

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Indoor go-karting. There’s one right near our work so we (in not Covid times) go a lot, and I’m pretty much always second to last (last place is always somebody there for the first time and is like “well fuck this” and never comes again) and everybody else who is a regular go-karter is mad competitive about it. I’m quite happy just pootling along driving the car, that on its own is fun for me and I’m not bothered that everybody else is lapping me because I’m having a nice time.

Reverse parking. I’ll just park further away.

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If only we could test this at a DiS kickabout, I’m sure you wouldn’t be one of those people!


“I’m not interested I’m making shit loads out of computers.”


Played my 7-year-old son at Scrabble on the weekend (along with my sister and my mum). He won.

I was simultaneously very proud and absolutely fuming.


I can’t do that posy run up thing at all. I end up running forward to the line, stopping completely then limply letting the ball go.

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Very jealous of my fiancée’s mum, who absolutely cannot sing for shit but regardless she sings a lot. She’ll happily sing along with scant regard for any actual melody, blissfully unaware that she’s so far off and genuinely ruining music.

It’s a wonder to hear.

Deeply wish I was good at something.

you can probably play that off as you being too cool for bowling though

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I’m sure it’s overrated.

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