Things you don't mind paying more for


OR things you would rather get the expensive version of.

This is a very middle class thread.


A decent pint.




Percy Pigs are slightly better than Eric the Elephants so I don’t mind paying a bit more for them


Burritos from the nice burrito place rather than Taco Bell


Toilet roll.


Laser eye surgery.


I will always pay more for shoes, clothes made with natural materials and skincare. Haven’t been in a primark or h&m since 2010. Bad and bougie.




wire magazine


I wouldn’t ever buy expensive toilet roll at full price but if it’s on offer then ok. Otherwise the mid range stuff is fine.


Public services


Like paying a pound for the loo at the train station?


Think it’s a dogging thing


pretty much everything to be honest. i get the most expensive version i could afford of pretty much everything


Coffee. I’ll happily buy own brand stuff, but you have to shell out £3 for a decent cup of coffee.

I must admit the cheapo stuff Lidl stocks is pretty decent though


Clothes. I’ve found cheap stuff to be largely a false economy.
Torture-free food.


Bike kit.


chopped tomatoes
fresh tomatoes
tomato ketchup
fried green tomatoes at the whistlestop café (special edition)


Baked Beans


Some clothes.

Some musical equipment (need to be careful to not fall into the “more expensive = better” trap because budget gear nowadays is astonishingly better than the equivalent stuff from even ten years ago, but some stuff just costs more and that’s ok).