Things you don't really understand but you're/we're too far in to ask anyone


WTF is a centrist dad?

What is a TERF?

How we talk to each other on here/Debating etiquette

thought TERF was like TEFL


TERF is Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

Someone on here told me that the other day as I was completely clueless about what it stood for also.


Yer da.

Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (someone who doesn’t think trans women are women)


Terf is trans exclusionary radical feminism. Centrist dad is made up nonsense for twats on twitter


Tournoi exclusionary radical feminism


obviously we’re not in far enough


Don’t think I get the mcm/wcw thing.


I remember at school when people would say wagwan as a greeting and I used it too without knowing where it came from, but was to embarrassed to ask :pensive:


are people still saying centrist dad?


Wcw as in the wrestling company?



no clue


TERF is Try Everything Really Fast.


Used to think it was just a conjunction of what’s going on?


Chance Would Be a Fine Thing!


Centrist Dad is a jokey insult directed at middle-aged, middle class men who think that they are culturally and politically progressive, but haven’t been for at least a decade.

They get VERY defensive when called it and try to claim that it is a compliment.

TERF is as outlined by people above.


Chance would a be fine thing


It is, in a Jamaican accent! My fourteen year old self was mystified though


man crush monday/woman crush wednesday


You can take it as a given that it anything I post might be wrestling-related isn’t.

Unless I’m moaning about wrestling. Maybe then.