Things you don't really understand but you're/we're too far in to ask anyone


i don’t know how to do that thing where your post shows up in 2 different threads at the same time


If I miss the start of a football thread, then I rarely bother going in there. Too many posts to catch up on.


Literally none of them are good either. It’s fucking fantastic.


you can either use the quote function in the top left of the reply box and copy and paste that elsewhere, or click in the top right of the post where it says how long ago the post was and it gives you a link to the post you can put elsewhere



I’m not reading through 424 new posts just to find that out for myself.


this better work @ericthefourth

Thread for having the social board make decisions for you

i secretly read the football threads loads. if i do it once in a week i can blag my way through literally ANY banter among friends.


it worked thanks @ericthefourth


got a badge too!




This ones been bugging me for a while and my thoughts are kind of all over the place on this but hopefully it’ll make sense.

when window cleaners talk about their different systems (the reach and wash method??) and all that. I saw a big argument on facebook a few weeks ago between window cleaners about their methods and which one was best and how some are really bad systems and it’s all really complicated and over the top. Are they just having a laugh cause all I see window cleaners do is wash windows and I struggle to see different window cleaners using different methods? I don’t know it’s funny but whats going on


why brexit is bad


:smiley: i would love if all this time you’ve been like ‘actually brexit’s alright innit’


‘trump could be worse but i don’t wanna SAY that’


would be pretty funny if it turned out we were all secretly tories but because we like the gaming and vegan recipe threads we just go through the motions of posting in the trump/politics/brexit threads to keep up appearances


I own half of Berkshire.


Possibly, but i have a complete mental block with them.

Whose money is it? Who owes who what? And why?? Who actually owns the house right now? If i buy a new house what the hell happens then??? Then i get the fear and stop trying to work out what the hell is going on.


I know enough to own a flat and we are looking at moving in the next 6-9 months, but I have absolutely zero interest in it. I just glaze over and switch off whenever people start talking about anything to do with houses - buying them, selling them, doing work on them. Zzzzzzzzzz.


You own the house. You have just borrowed money to buy it. The security you have given the lender to back up your repayment obligations is a fixed charge (a mortgage) over the house.


Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.