Things you eat all of that other people don't eat all of

Apples :apple:
Kiwi Fruit :kiwi_fruit:

Both started within the last year and life is better than ever.

What else should I be eating all of?

My lunch.

(a) What is in it?
(b) Why haven’t you eaten it yet?
(c) Will it survive postage?

Don’t come crying to us when an apple tree starts growing out of your arse and your skin turns into kiwi fruit skin.

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Deez nuts

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I am replying to your thread title and not your thread body. The fact that the two are inconsistent is not my concern.

Aaaah. I’ll forgive that, I seem to be very confusing today.

I will come crying to you and there’s nothing you can do about it

I enjoy kiwi fruit skin.


Do you eat the apple stalk?

Will occasionally eat the rind of a cheese don’t @ me



That is the one bit that I don’t eat, but that’s because I consider it part of the tree.

I also spit some of the seeds out sometimes.

Any cheese? You know what they say…

Brie is fair game, but edam is insane.


Can of soup

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Edam rind can’t taste any more plasticky and pathetic than it’s contents, tbf


Not the same thing but used to often chew the paper things that chocolate muffins come in.

You’re better than this response, this is the sort of thing I would say, come on.

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This post has made me think that I’ve done this thread before. Seem to remember someone eating starburst wrappers.

In my defence, the kiwi fruit thing is brand new, started this week.

Satsuma net