Things you feel guilty about

Just listened to the USSR anthem and now I feel guilty.

You feeling guilty about anything?

I’m pretty sure that you weren’t responsible for the breakup of the soviet union. Don’t beat yourself up about it.


it’s such an amazing tune though


Someone’s trying to make me feel guilty because a team I’m not even in is really short staffed (holiday, people leaving, sickness) and is being asked to do some testing at really short notice. For some reason I’m being copied in on all the mails and it’s being left to me to tell the person making the request that the testing just won’t happen.

Not going to feel guilty for it though.

I’m doing this thread wrong, aren’t I?

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yeah I wouldn’t feel guilty for that either tbh

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Eeeeeeverything, you just learn to forgive yourself (partially squash it)


yeah, gonna listen to the USSR anthem again

I mean it’s a banger in fairness


There’s an equivalent team in Luxembourg who are also being asked to do the same testing, and they’re short because of holiday and paternity leave, so the people doing the asking are being told No by everyone.

Given that it really isn’t my problem I’m finding it quite amusing.

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Not right now I’ve been quite good recently I think

Everything I’ve ever done

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OH! No yesterday I snuck up on two friends to scare them for ‘lols’ (always a bad idea and literally never funny, why do people even do it, especially me) and turns out they were in the middle of a really serious discussion and one of them was crying

Felt like such a cunt and still do and probably will for around 6-8 months


Lots of stuff.

Back in the USSR, you don’t know how guilty you are

I thought those guys broke up…

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boy that’s gonna be cringe moment for a while :frowning:

yeah alright don’t rub it in!

sorry I meant it in a sympathetic way

don’t worry I’m just joshing ya.

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not sure why but this has absolutely done me :smiley: