Things you feel too old for

computer games

sorry its just me

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Kinda think a 50-something man shouldn’t dance, at least not the way I used to at the Blue Note on Saturday night after a few pints.

That said, I would like to hear your thoughts on whether I should consider coming out of my self-imposed retirement

Wearing nappies

Give it time


The adult baby takeover is well and truly off, I’m afraid

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Sharing a flat with people I hardly know.

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Enjoying life

A while back I was walking to work but a delivery lorry had parked on the pavement completely blocking it. There was a young lad walking in front who went into the adjacent driveway, effortlessly vaulted the 3 foot wall separating it from the next property and rejoined the pavement the other side of the lorry. I was just about to follow him, then sadly realised that now that would blatantly be a recipe for a twisted ankle/knee/etc and sadly crossed the road instead.

Last time I went on a waterslide was at an ATP a while back. They hadn’t put enough water in it, and the water ran out halfway down, resulting in some panicked clambering down before the person behind me smashed into me.


As long as you throw a low lunge every half an hour to prove your virility you will always be accepted on the dancefloor

I’m more concerned about throwing lung tbqh

nightmare scenario

I can’t say I’m too keen on going on one again

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That shop that’s really dark
Crop tops

I don’t know if I feel too old for that much stuff

think it’s more a case of feeling too sad for stuff

I went on a large-ish children’s slide (Roath Park play area for those in the know) at the urging of my six-year-old daughter. I’m slightly too broad in the beam for it, so it was a little embarrassing, but I’d do it again

I’d love a good dance right now. Hope I’ll still feel like that at 50


Giving a shit.


Not sleeping in a bed. Think there’s a definite cut-off for the age at which you go to a party and assume you’ll just figure out sleeping arrangements when you get there.

Edit: it’s Thursday, we’ve got a whole other thread for that.

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Running around naked in a room with my whole extended family watching, then taking a shit in a small plastic tub and expecting my mum to wipe my arse