Things you find heartwarmingly quaint

When I listen to Spotify adverts and they’re like old fashioned radio ad’s, quite often just about some tiny kitchen firm in the midlands and it’s just a man doing a silly voice or something.

Should find it annoying but it just reminds me of being in a car as a child

There’s probably more, go.


I used to get kind of hard core europop ads on my spotify


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Bloody hell fopps

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the TV channel Irish TV has (had?) some great adverts for local businesses - tractors, farming equipment, hotels, etc. it’s very charming

The new Bellend Sebastian single

which TV is which there?

both are thinly veiled

When my grandad kicks off about missing something because he’s 'not seen anything on the lampposts about it’
bless his cottons


The internet is the new lamposts.

I want to get irritated with Spotify adverts but then I realise their entire point is to make me pay to get rid of them and it becomes a BATTLE OF WILLS

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ctrl + f “your mum”

Really guys? You’ve changed.

When Theo does a meme :blush:


I guess most mothers are quite quaint, yeah.

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I don’t know about quaint. The A505! White vans pulling out in front of him! People not indicating! The latent threat of bumwee!

A man of a certain vintage wearing braces to keep his trousers from falling down.

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Computer programs don’t have willpower Theo

I went into the tesco in the town I was born in, and was served by someone who according to their name badge, had been working there since the year I was born. had a bit of an existential freak out (still bought my four pack of Stella tho)

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Local newspapers. Not the gritty ones in London with actual news in, but the ones you get out in the sticks.

the Tower Hamlets one that comes through my door is usually about bins

Related: village newsletters, delivered diligently once a month that mostly list WI jumble sales, when the church services are, and an update on the amount of dogshit on the parish paths.