Things you find it impossible to believe

1 in 8!!!


We’re in heaven


It’s hard I’ll give you that but not impossible


For a second I misread it as match and I was trying to work out the probability of her hitting a double fault. In a game is completely insane

She wouldn’t need to be serving at full capacity so would be pretty unlikely to double fault.

think about how much better than you someone at school was if they were ‘good’ at a sport, like county level or something. Scale that up…

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How am I supposed to believe in democracy knowing things like this?


Oh yeah in reality there’d be a 0% chance of winning a point. If I just replaced her opponent without her knowing I was shit there’d be a half chance of a double fault in a match.

This is just
A) men
B) dunning-kruger

I play a bit of very low level club tennis so I’m probably in the top 12% in the country. And I wouldn’t win a point off a decent club player, and they wouldn’t win a point of a national level player, and they’d struggle to win a point off a grand slam player and so on.

Oh. Oh I absolutely misread it. Several times.

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There’s always the chance a pigeon would shit in her eye as you were serving. Don’t forget that.

find it hard to believe that outer space is real


Do you believe the film Inner Space to be real?

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yes i do, i owned it on vhs


The children are our future

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That balloons have to be round. Even if they’re square or whatever, they’re a bit round. Seems completely fake to me.


That people actually, unironically enjoying wrestling. Like I know different people like different things and all that but… come on


The existence of life after love


would love to play tennis with Serena

prefer to not have the ball go through my skull tho

There honestly are that many people completely deluded about their meagre abilities. The venn diagram of “throws a tantrum/refuses to acknowledge it when a woman is good at something” is also almost a perfect circle.

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